Community Impact at the Local Level

JCI Calgary Jaycees analyze local challenges, collaborate with community members, and partake in volunteer initiatives to create local impact. We praise the power of teamwork and we work together to be involved in our community. We want to see our local community grow and become a better place for everyone and we take action to see it happen.

Community Initiatives for Business Leaders

Community involvement builds the foundation for business leaders. JCI Calgary Jaycees are active within the community to make our great community even better. We are invested in our journey for positive impact and our volunteer and community efforts reflect our passion for sustainable, long-term change. As business leaders, we aim to inspire change and to empower action. We believe that our community initiatives reflect our passion as leaders and we stand by our mission to create a positive impact in our community by empowering leaders to take action and make a difference.

Networking to Create Better Business Leaders

Networking opens the doors for new business opportunities. JCI Calgary hosts monthly networking events and business seminars that enable our members to expand their business knowledge and develop leadership and public speaking skills. Our business events have an open, honest atmosphere and we believe that empowerment is the fundamental skill of a great leader. It is our driving force to create better business leaders. JCI Calgary Jaycees build lasting social and professional networks within the chapter and beyond so that we are leaders not just for today but for the future. Achieve personal and professional development growth with JCI Calgary.

Community Involvement and Leadership Beyond Boundaries

As a worldwide organization, JCI has members in chapters around the world. JCI’s national and international conferences allow Jaycees to travel around the world and meet members from other chapters. Regardless of location, each Jaycee is a reflection of our combined commitment for long-term, sustainable community impact. Our passion for creating positive change within our communities transcends geographical and physical boundaries and is reflected in everything we do.

Embrace Your Leadership Potential with JCI Calgary

With JCI Calgary, there are endless opportunities to develop leadership skills and to achieve personal and professional development growth. Join us in our journey to inspire long-term positive impact and to make a difference in our community one day at a time.