Opportunity Night featuring Sri Pabbaraju CPA

Location: Kahanoff Conference Centre, 105 12th Avenue SE – Suite 200, Calgary, Alberta T2G 1A1
Date: Wednesday, February 21 at 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM UTC-07

Opportunity Night featuring Sri Pabbaraju CPA, CA speaking about Financial Freedom

We all talk about financial freedom. Financial freedom is meaningless if we don’t have time freedom.

What exactly is time freedom?

It is the ability to spend time doing what we love doing the most.

It could be travel, it could be skiing, it could be fixing vintage cars or it could be something simpler like staying home caring for the ones we hold dear in our hearts, or just sipping a cup of hot chocolate and
solving crossword puzzles by the fireplace.

Don’t you agree with me when I say that time freedom is about having a top-grade quality of life that meets your expectations from life?

This workshop will help you get clear on how you must start looking at your time, your most precious resource.

The number that I am going to help you figure out for yourself, will help you set goals that will actually get you the desired cash flow in your pocket or bank account. The only number that is highly
personalized to your circumstances and your desires.

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