100 Years of JCI History

JCI celebrated its 100-year anniversary in 2015. That’s 100 years of making local and global communities better and 100 years of creating positive change and sustainable impact. Our commitment has opened the doors to countless opportunities for active citizens to become involved and work towards creating a better world. Our commitment to creating an impact is a lifelong journey for our active members and it drives our passion to inspire change and empower community leaders to take action.

A History of Sustainable, Long-Term Change

100-years-jciThe JCI Movement started in 1915 by one active citizen with a vision for positive change and sustainable impact. Since then, the JCI global movement has engaged active young citizens from around the world who are united by a common purpose to form a movement for change. For 100 years, JCI has connected individuals from diverse communities who are ignited by a vision to establish sustainable solutions for generations to come. Empowered citizens create shared solutions to global challenges that transcend physical, geographical, and cultural boundaries.

Be a Part of JCI History



The JCI Movement unites diverse individuals with a common vision and mission. As a global community of change makers, we seek to forge a path of positive change for the future and to empower citizens to communicate across cultures. We challenge you to rise to the challenge, to stand up and stand out, and to answer the call to be the change maker in your community. It takes ordinary individuals to achieve the extraordinary.

Rise to the Global Challenge

Make your mark and leave an extraordinary legacy. The JCI Movement has impacted over 1 billion lives and inspired countless leaders to make sustainable, long-term change. Let’s unite our efforts and make our local and global communities even greater.

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